Melt That Fat Away

“Melt That Fat Away” is an amazing program that blends science and physiology to allow you to lose inches off areas like your waist, arms and thighs that don’t seem to respond to diet and exercise.  While it offers simple nutrition suggestions and easy exercise options, the biggest advantage is the 20-minute treatment using light technology to literally melt the fat away!

In the past, if a person wanted to lose fat quickly, the only natural choice was a difficult diet plan or a strenuous exercise regimen – which we all know how that works and how difficult it is to maintain.  As we age, this becomes even more challenging as our metabolism changes and our bodies cannot do what they used to do!  This has made many turn to surgery which is outrageously expensive and exposes you to added risks and complications of surgery.  This option also puts you at added financial risk because insurance does not cover complications of elective surgery.

Instead with this treatment, clients can expect to feel a gentle, warm sensation.  Most people even fall asleep during the treatment – it is that relaxing!  The treatment is safe with no side effects – the red and LED lights are natural and healing.  Best of all, most see same day results losing inches in the first treatment.  Unlike most body sculpting procedures, normal activity can be resumed immediately.

Needless to say, I am so excited to bring this breakthrough technology – developed by NASA over 40 years ago – to people like me who struggle with weight loss.  If you would like to improve your health and experience rapid fat loss in a safe and effective manner, then Nu-Life Clinic is exactly what you have been looking and waiting for.

-Jean Vallandingham

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  1. “I’ve just started my sessions of body melt at the Naperville location and after the second session I can really feel and tell the difference of my face, chin, stomach and thighs going down immediately. I started in February at 228 and now I’m on my 5th session I’ve already lost 7 inches and now weighing 217. Trust me when I tell you this is it! I’m so happy and amazed I took a chance. I’ve gotten so many compliments already. Trust me when I tell you the results you will see and feel instantly.” The staff is also amazing.

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