Beauty Kiln Pre-Appointment Instructions

Three Days Prior:

  • No Alcohol until after treatment
  • Drink Mainly Water until after treatment
  • Stop any retinol until 8 hours after treatment
  • Pretreat may be needed for hyperpigmentation or melasma.┬áDay Before
  • Drink 2 Liters of water (67 ounces)
  • If you are over the age of 40- ONE cup of coffee or tea needs two cups of water to replace hydration. Our skin is the last organ to take water.

Day Of:

  • Drink 2 Liters of water (67 ounces)
  • Wear no makeup, self tanner, oil, lotion
  • Wear no metal (This included jewelry, wired bra, and medical devices)
  • Wear comfy clothes to undress and dress easily if you are treating your body.


*Please come 5 minutes early to sign consent and go over a treatment plan. 

*If you have hyperpigmentation or melasma, let us know asap.  

*If you have any metal in your body, let us know asap

*If you have a pacemaker or are pregnant, let us know asap.

*If you have a Medical device of any kind, let us know asap.