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One of the greatest gifts you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. If you feel good about yourself, you feel good about life. That’s what we’re all about here at Lifesculpt. 

Founded in 2020, our goal has been to bridge the gap between being healthy and looking your best. Lifesculpt helps our clients get the appearance they’ve always wanted while improving their overall health at the same time!

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Why Our Clients Love Us

“I could feel a difference after my first session. I didn’t feel my upper stomach push up as much. I can feel a difference in my chin too.”
Ashley – Alpine, UT

“The Red Light Therapy felt so good on my skin- I have absolutely noticed a difference in the texture of my skin! Kendra and her team are highly professional- kind & knowledgeable I highly recommend giving it a try!!!”
Elaina – Glendora, CA

“Loved my treatments! Super relaxing and fun all while losing inches. Awesome treatment to add to your diet and exercise routine to achieve your goals.”
Tasha – Draper, UT

“I was skeptical at first, with anything new, however, I already see amazing results! The targeted areas are actually shrinking! Absolutely a must to try with no downtime! Great place and very friendly!”
Barbara – Naperville, IL

“100% would recommend this to anyone looking to take better care of themselves. Such a great all around experience for me, from the customer service, to the effectiveness of treatments, and even the place itself was the best. They are really transparent when you ask any types of questions, which was my favorite part. I never felt like I was being sold something or lied to, which was important to me, since it was my first time doing any type of treatment. Thank you Platinum Body Sculpting!”
Nicole – Glendora, CA

“Amazing experience! Friendly staff makes you feel comfortable and relaxed! I lost 2inch in my first session! This is a MUST DO!!”
Alora – Draper, UT

“I felt a difference in my jeans after 3 sessions! This technique really works. Amber is very professional and encouraging. I’m sticking with this for sure!!”
Beth – Naperville, IL

“Did not think the laser was going to work on me! I lost inches my first appointment I was in shock! Great customer service, they explained things so well and so friendly! Highly recommend giving it a try!”
Megan – Alpine, UT

“Such a relief to find a weight loss treatment that really works! I did 20 sessions and their metabolism reset program and lost over 20lbs in 6 weeks. I’m absolutely in love with my results! 10/10 would recommended!!”
Kendra – Dana Point, CA

“I have had the most amazing experience with my treatments! Kate has gone above and beyond to make me feel so comfortable and the results are amazing if you keep to the requirements!”
Hana – Draper, UT

“AMAZING STAFF! Amber is the manager and does the measuring. She made me feel extremely comfortable and was super informative. All the girls are esthetician’s and professionals in this field! LIPO MELT WORKS! I lost a pants size in one package! Highly recommended.”
Miss D – Naperville, UT

“Just finished my red light therapy appointment and I will definitely be going back! Katherine was SO knowledgeable and really helped explain the process and the benefits. The laser was so relaxing and felt like I was was at the spa. I lost 3 inches in one appointment and can’t wait to go back and continue to see progress. Highly recommend!!”
Savannah – Alpine, UT

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this service! My husband did it primarily for fibromyalgia issues. His pain lessened and his ability to move (walk, squatting, standing from sitting, etc) became a lot easier on his joints. Not only were there Fibro benefits but his skin tightened and he is measurably smaller. His confidence grew so much. I love how the red light therapy made me feel after just one session. I was noticeably smaller and my skin was tighter. it’s the perfect mommy makeover. Kendra and her staff are fantastic. They make you feel valued, comfortable, and confidant in. The clinic itself is beautiful. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!”
Kate – Glendora, CA

“I have loved my experience! They are professional, always keep me up to date with my appointment times/daily instructions and I’m already starting to see results after 5 sessions!”
Emily – Draper, UT

“So here’s the thing…you should try it too! Funny story first- I called this place on accident given the wrong contact information and I’m glad I did! One session only- 30 minutes later and 3 inches total off. I couldn’t be happier right now! Happy Friday!!!”
Michelle – Naperville, IL

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